Why Do I Need Individual Disability Insurance?

Why do I need individual disability insurance?

Disability claims happen more often than you think!

The burden of medical bills is the #1 cause of bankruptcy for American families and nearly half of all foreclosures are caused by a disability. Learn more about why you should do all you can to protect you and your family.

Group Insurance does not offer the true coverage you need

Group Insurance DOES NOT function in the same manner as
an individual policy. It does not offer True “Own Occupation
Coverage”. Group insurance benefits will be reduced by other sources of income such as salary, social security, and workers’ compensation.

Group Insurance is not portable. It will not move with you from one employer to the next.

Benefits from group insurance can also be taxed at the federal and state levels.

Group Insurance is not non-cancellable/guaranteed renewable. There is no guarantee that the insurance you are given will be the same from year to year. Where is the security in that? 

Group Insurance
will never allow
you to collect total
benefits while
earning a full salary
in another

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Group claims and individual claims are processed differently according to what is referred to as ERISA guidelines. Group policies fall under federal ERISA Law. If your claim is denied and you feel as if you were wrongfully treated, in a group claim there is no jury trial, no discovery and no punitive damages. An arbitrator makes a singular decision.

Watch our video about “Group vs. Individual Disability Insurance” below.

One of the Most Misunderstood Benefits in Our Society

Make sure your coverage doesn’t fall short of your expectations when it comes time to file a claim!