Video and Transcript 1: Introduction to Resident Disability

Video and Transcript 1: Introduction to Resident Disability

Runtime: 4:54

Hello and welcome. It is with great pleasure that we bring to you our Disability Insurance Education video series. This education is designed especially for you, the resident or fellow physician, to help protect you, guide you and empower you, so that you are better equipped to make a qualified decision on one of the most important insurance products of your career.

If you’re an attending physician, this video will also be very helpful to you. I believe the true spirit of education is seriously lacking in this environment, and as a result, doctors often purchase policies without a thorough understanding of what they need. After watching this education series, you will hopefully feel more confident and secure in the protection you purchased for you and your family, and have a better understanding of your policy. We all know that you are very busy. We have prepared this video series so that you may learn about disability insurance protection at your convenience and at your pace. And also, that the education presented to you is independent, unbiased, with a high level of expertise.

Try not to be lazy about this stuff. Don’t assume that what you’re getting is what you want. You’ve got to take the time to look at the documents and ask questions if you’re not sure, and if you don’t ask those questions– Asking them after you put a claim in is kinda beside the point. You know, the die is already cast.

That is where we step in. Allow us to introduce ourselves. I’m Georgia Reynolds, joined here by my illustrious counterpart, Christopher Reynolds. We are a husband and wife team, a fact which, in and of itself, could be a separate video project altogether. But let me just say that as a husband and wife team, for over 32 years, we have the combined experience of over 64 years as individual disability insurance specialists, primarily in the physician marketplace.

Let’s talk a little bit about that experience. I started my career in the mid 1980’s, when HIV was the feared unknown in hospital systems. I quickly became aware of the need for disability insurance and how important it was for resident physicians. I made it my mission to help those learn how to protect themselves. At that point, I asked Georgia to join me on my mission in 1988, and thank God she said yes.

In 2005 to this day, we became the appointed disability insurance educators for all the residents and fellows in one of the largest teaching hospitals in New Jersey. We continue to witness the growing need residents and fellows have to be educated properly on the topic of disability insurance. We have witnessed how vulnerable they are when they are not properly educated and how easily they can be misguided into purchasing a policy that does not offer the best protection.

Also, never in our career have we witnessed a more serious need for this protection. I am, of course, referring to the current global pandemic. Other concerns include, but are not limited to, overwhelming student loan debt, dramatic increase in mental and nervous claims, and the stress of a more complicated learning environment. The insurance product itself has become more complicated, coupled with a lack of expertise in the industry, you are faced with a dilemma. We recognize this need, and that is why we’ve put this education video series together.

Our objective is to provide you a thorough, unbiased education. Only a proper education will empower you to decide for yourself on which policy will best protect you. Over the course of our career, while educating thousands of residents and fellows, we have collected mountains of survey results. Residents consistently reported how valuable this education was to them. Allow us to impart this knowledge to you, so that you may learn at your convenience, and be less vulnerable to potential bias and misrepresentation. Shall we begin?