Understand the Risks

By most estimates, your earning potential as a first-year resident is in the millions over the course of your career. Clearly, an unexpected injury or illness (disability) can potentially devastate or disrupt your career.

Potential Earning Power Until Age 67

Avg. Salary  $180,000
Age 35        $5,760,000
Age 45        $3,960,000

Any attending physician (we encourage you to ask) will quickly tell you, "Disability insurance is a must-have for any new resident."


Get the Facts

Most residents are often too busy to consider the impact of a career-threatening disability; however, given the right information and choices, he or she will happily choose to protect his or her career earnings. In fact, because Reynolds is not affiliated with any single insurance provider (we are independent and represent all carriers), we can offer you a highly-customized policy that reflects your personal needs and choices.

Average Duration of Disability Lasting
More Than 90 Days, Beginning Prior to Age
65 and Lasting No Longer Than Age 67

Age                Duration
40-44             4 years, 4 months
45-49             4 years, 7 months
50-54             4 years, 6 months

Get Unbiased Answers

1. Do you know which carrier is right for you?
2. Do you know which carrier offers the best policy for your occupation?
3. Are you willing to trust your career to any broker or agent?


Choosing the Right Level of Protection

Start by asking these initial questions:

  • Does your policy provide occupation coverage to age 67?
  • Is it portable?
  • Is the premium guaranteed?
  • Can the insurance company add any restrictions?
  • Can the insurance company cancel my policy?
  • Is the coverage adequate for my income?
  • Are the monthly payments (benefits) enough to meet my financial obligations?
  • Is your benefit tax-free?